CropLife Latin America

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Crop Protection, investment in R & D and floor care are key to increasing food production and global way. This benefits farmers, consumers and the environment. Find in this collection of three information infographics what is the role of research, the agro-technologies and sustainable practices in agriculture production chain.


Controlling pests and diseases for more than 5.000 years ago

Pest control is as old as agriculture itself. Farmers have always sought new ways to protect their crops, and with modern technology, farmers are more efficient than ever.


7.5 billion invested in research and development that help farmers to be more productive 

In 2014, Industry Crop Science invested $ 7.574 million to research and develop seeds, improved with biotechnology and crop protection products.


No tillage agriculture, a technology to save our soil 

In the past 150 years the world has lost half its fertile soils through mismanagement, degradation and erosion. Agriculture without tillage (direct seeding) is helping to reverse some of the damage.